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Month: March 2023

How is Lagree different from Pilates?

Are you looking to get in the best shape yet this year? If so, you might consider trying Lagree Method and Pilates Reformer workouts. Both of these versatile total-body workouts are designed to help you improve muscle tone and range of motion, get in shape, and improve your overall fitness level.

A Comprehensive Comparison: Lagree vs Pilates

The Lagree Method utilizes a special machine, the Megaformer, to help you target multiple muscle groups while simultaneously working on your balance, strength, and endurance. It is a high intensity, low impact functional workout targeting multiple muscle groups with a focus on endurance, strength, and full range of movement exercises.

Pilates Reformer likewise targets various muscle groups, however it focuses more on controlled movements, and breathe that build core strength, long lean muscles, and improved coordination. It is ideal for developing muscule strength that is focused on overall strength, flexibility, and stability.

Lagree, with its Megaformer workout, helps to strengthen and reshape your muscles with dynamic exercises, as well as burning tons of calories due to its high intensity. Pilates Reformer focuses on slow, controlled movements designed to elongate your muscles, improve body alignment, and help you move more efficiently.

Whether you’re looking to build muscle, improve your posture or get in the best shape of your life, Lagree and Pilates are great options to incorporate into your workout fitness routine.

Lagree vs Pilates: Are They the Same?

To be perfectly clear, Lagree is not Pilates, and Pilates is not Lagree. While both methods have their amazing benefits, and fit different students, they are two completely different methods that are performed on different machines.

Pilates was a method developed by Joseph Pilates, originally for rehabilitation. It became popular among celebrities in NYC, and quickly hit mainstream fitness as an amazing exercise method that targets and strengthens your core, improves posture, and flexibility. Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates Reformer , Cadillac, Chair as well as other apparatus which are currently used when teaching the Pilates Method.

Sebastien Lagree came to the fitness scene long after Joseph Pilates, developing the Megaformerâ„¢, and a completely different method, the Lagree Method, involving super slow movement, and a time under tension based workout utilized to target slow twitch muscles, and focus on complete muscle fatigue.

Which is better, Lagree or Pilates?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive workout with a variety of exercises that can give you toned muscles, improved posture, and greater overall physical fitness, it’s worth considering the main differences between the Lagree method and traditional Pilates. Both offer numerous benefits, but there are several distinct differences in terms of their approach and the outcomes they’re known for producing.

On the surface, traditional Pilates focuses on the utilization of controlled movements to increase muscular strength and flexibility, whereas the Lagree Method, also known as ‘Megaformer’ Pilates, relies on intense, isometric movements to improve core strength and cardiovascular endurance. This type of workout is designed to boost overall fitness and promote general wellbeing.

Potential benefits of the Lagree Method include increased body awareness and balance improvement, increased posture and joint mobility, improved strength, power and endurance, enhanced digestion, circulation, and cardiovascular health, and even weight loss and toning.

Comparatively, traditional Pilates has a number of similar benefits. It is equally effective in targeting the deep, postural muscles that tend to be inhibited by regular gym workouts and can also be beneficial for coordination, posture, spine alignment, joint mobility, strength, and even rehabilitation from injury.

Ultimately, choosing either Lagree or Pilates depends on the needs and fitness level of the individual. Both methods offer the potential for increased fitness and wellbeing, and many studios now offer classes combining elements of both methods for those who want to benefit from the advantages of both.

Understanding the Benefits of Lagree vs. Traditional Pilates

In the Lagree Method, full-body exercises using spring resistance on the Megaformer machine provides resistance without the use of weights, and creates a unique, dynamic approach to fitness. Ultimately, Lagree classes have become popular amongst athletes, dancers, and everyone in between, as it provides a total-body workout with elements of strength training, stretching, and cardio.

Meanwhile, traditional Pilates is a great way to build overall muscle strength, refine postural alignment, encourage joint mobility, and reduce stress. Whichever option you choose, both are excellent paths to a healthier lifestyle.

Both Lagree and Pilates are amazing workouts, and fit any level of fitness enthusiasts. Both offer intensity and variety, and include exercises that target core muscles, emphasizing strength and coordination. The best way to really learn the differences is to try both a Pilates and Lagree workout. Take a class, and learn the difference!

Higher Terrain Fitness is the only Lagree studio in Aspen, offering both Pilates and Lagree classes. We love both fitness methods and are here help you match which type of workout better suites your style and fitness goals.

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Why is Pilates good for back pain?

We’ve all heard how beneficial Pilates exercise can be for back pain, but why is that exactly? “We spend so much time sitting, or performing flexion based movements”, say physical therapist and studio owner Jen Metcalf. “Over time, this can cause a break down of the disks in the spine, in addition to a forward head posture”. Pilates focuses on strengthening core muscles which include muscles that attach to the spine. Incorporating exercises that include spinal extension will help keep your back muscles strong, will decrease pain, and improve posture. Join us for a Pilates class, or private pilates session!

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