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How is Lagree different from Pilates?

Lagree is not Pilates, and Pilates is not Lagree. While both methods have their amazing benefits, and fit different students, they are two completely different methods, performed on different machines.

Pilates was a method developed by Joseph Pilates, originally for rehabilitation. It became popular among celebrities in NYC, and quickly hit mainstream fitness as an amazing exercise method that targets and strengthens your core, improves posture, and flexibility. Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Chair as well as other apparatus which are currently used when teaching the Pilates Method.

Sebastien Lagree came to the fitness scene long after Joseph Pilates, developing the Megaformer™, and a completely different method, the Lagree Method, involving super slow movement, and a time under tension based workout utilized to target slow twitch muscles, and focus on complete muscle fatigue.

The two methods are amazing workouts, and fit any level of fitness enthusiasts. We offer both Pilates, and Lagree at Higher Terrain. Try both classes. Become educated, and learn the difference!

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Jen Metcalf

Jen Metcalf from Miami is a physical therapist, and Certified Pilates Instructor. After taking a Lagree Method class …

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