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Month: May 2024

Yoga or Pilates – What’s the Better Workout?

Yoga and Pilates are both low impact workouts that are touted to improve posture, core strength, and vitality to ones mind, and body. However, while there may be some carry over between the two workouts, they are inherently different.

With the various forms of yoga classes, and plethora of yoga studios in aspen, yoga at its core is a spiritual philosophy. Yoga uses breath, movement, and meditation to unite the body, and spirit. Yoga focuses on opening the body with a series of movements, or stretches that can be held longer, or moved through with students breath. This large spiritual component makes yoga a powerful stress reliever for those who practice, and in todays high paced world, help students slow down, stay present, and connected.

Pilates is a physical system that targets very specific muscles groups known as the Powerhouse, to improve posture, core strength, and overall flexibility. Students who practice Pilates, will experience a mind-body connection focused more on muscle toning, alignment, and balance. Like yoga, Pilates helps students slow things down, boost physical, and mental health, while requiring deep concentration, and body control. Pilates classes, however don’t focus on meditation like a yoga class might.

Both Yoga, and Pilates have substantial health benefits, and offer value for anyone looking to maintain health, fitness, and longevity.

Hoping to see you in a Pilates Class soon!

Team Higher Terrain