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Aspen’s Lagree Method & Pilates Studio

Person using the megaformer machine
Higher Terrain is a Lagree Method | Pilates studio offering high intensity, low impact, full-body workouts on the Pilates Reformer, and MegaformerTM 

The Lagree Method  book your workout on the MegaformerTM a spring-loaded, momentum free, resistance system that combines the most challenging elements of fitness into the most efficient, low impact, full-body workout. Each Lagree Method class at Higher Terrain is designed to deliver a heart-pumping, muscle quivering, strength-building workout, that will leave you craving your next class.

Classic | Pilates Reformer This class teaches a deep level of intricate muscle toning that establishes the foundation for your everyday health and fitness. Book your Allegro 2 Pilates Reformer for a full body workout based on traditional Pilates, with added strength, and sculpting moves to tone, sculpt, and stretch the entire body. 

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Our Mission

If you like fun, full body workouts that leave you sweaty, Higher Terrain studio is for you! Our mission is to offer challenging, low impact workouts that will shape, and sculpt the body safely, and efficiently in a small-group class setting. Whether you attend a Pilates Reformer, or Lagree Method class form and alignment is key.

Our highly trained, Pilates, and Lagree instructors offer one-on-one attention, allowing you to get more from your workout, so you can expect to see big results. Upbeat, creative, smart, and passionate is how we describe our instructors and their total love for all things Pilates, Lagree, and fitness!

The Perfect Gift for the Pilates Addict!

What is the Lagree Method?

The Lagree Method is a high intensity, low impact, full-body workout performed on a uniquely effective, spring-loaded, momentum free machine called the Megaformer. The basic design of the Megaformer™ was inspired by the Pilates Reformer but features a few more bells and whistles, allowing for a much more intense workout than a traditional Pilates class.

The Lagree Method combines strength, cardio, flexibility, and balance into one of the most efficient, and low impact workouts in the fitness industry. Higher Terrain is a licensed Lagree Method studio and is the only studio in Aspen, Colorado offering the Megaformer™ workout.

What is the Megaformer workout?

The science behind the Lagree Method is constant tension. The Megaformer™ uses both resistance and counter resistant to maintain constant tension on muscles during each exercise. Designed by Sebastien Lagree, each exercise is performed for 1-2 minutes at a slow, laser focused pace.

The combination of slow pace, and long duration target slow twitch muscle fibers, also known as endurance muscle fibers, allows for a uniquely efficient, intense workout, that is low impact on joints. Our Megaformer™ classes utilize this science to deliver the best workout for long, lean muscle development, and deep muscle strength.

What is the difference between our Pilates and Lagree classes?

Our Lagree Method class is performed on a Megaformer, and is a perfect fit for clients who love Pilates, but wish it was a more challenging workout. A Lagree workout is a high-intensity, full body workout, many of the exercises are performed standing on the Megaformer, and utilize multiple muscle groups within one exercise. Expect to shake, and work hard in a Lagree class!

Our Pilates Reformer | Classic class is a low impact, full body workout that uses deliberate, controlled movements to target core, and postural muscles. This class focuses on smaller muscles, and breathe to provide a workout that will sculpt, and tone, as well as improve flexibility.

Click to learn more about the difference between Lagree and Pilates.

What can I expect from my first class?

If this is your first class at Higher Terrain Fitness, please arrive 5 minutes before the class start time to get checked in, and allow the instructor to walk you through the use of your machine. Signing up for your first class requires a valid credit card on file. If you don’t have a credit card on file, your booking may be canceled.

Love traditional Pilates?

Love traditional Pilates Reformer? Book a Pilates Reformer | Classic class for a low impact workout that will strengthen, align, and define the body. Our signature, full body, Pilates Reformer class will define your core, sculpt your muscles, and improve posture, and flexibility. 

Aspen’s only Lagree Method studio
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Hear what others are saying…

Leah Rubin

Really helpful staff and amazing studio. Marley offered so many helpful adjustments and it was a great workout!

Lauren Seidler

Awesome lagree class taught by Marlee! I will be back for some more!

Jodi Lux

I love this workout! I am thrilled that the Lagree Mega reformer is available in Aspen in such a clean, beautiful and convenient space. The workout is challenging but doable and the 45 minutes flies by. My body feels it in all the right places the next day.

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