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Higher Terrain is Aspen, Colorado’s headquarters for Pilates, and the Lagree Method. We offer small, form focused workouts on the Megaformer™, and Pilates Reformer that will strengthen, sculpt, and tone the body. Whether you’re looking to push your limits, or lengthen and restore after trailblazing, we have a workout to fit any fitness level.

Lagree Method | Pilates

AKA “High-Intensity Pilates” and “ Pilates on Steroids” the Lagree Method is actually quite different from Pilates. Pilates was created in the 1930s by Joseph Pilates and quickly became popular among dancers as a method of training and rehabilitation. Pilates is performed on a Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, or Mat. Lagree was created by Sebastien Lagree, and is performed on a machine called the Megaformer™. Lagree utilizes super slow, functional movement, to target multiple muscle groups within one exercise. 

The Lagree Method is a perfect fit for clients who love the core focus, and low impact, lengthening effects of Pilates, but wish it was a more challenging workout.  A Lagree workout is high intensity, and focuses on muscle fatigue, targeting slow twitch muscle fibers to create a strong, lean physique. 

Traditional Pilates developed by Joseph Pilates is a low impact, full body workout that uses deliberate, controlled movements to target core, and postural muscles. Pilates focuses on smaller muscles, and breathe to provide a workout that will sculpt, and tone, as well as improve flexibility. A traditional Pilates exercise is typically performed using fewer repetitions, isolates muscles groups and incorporates stretching in a core and postural based workout.

“I’m excited to offer the Lagree Method to people who are looking for a challenge in their workout routine” says studio owner and physical therapist Jen Metcalf. “The Megaformer workout is intense, but also low impact on joints.” 

“Both Pilates and Lagree are amazing, and low impact workouts that will strengthen your core, and tone your body. We’re so exited to be offering both at Higher Terrain! Our classes will fit any fitness level!”