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Month: November 2022

Kaylee Kleidon

Kaylee moved to Aspen on a whim back in 2013 from Three Rivers, Michigan and can’t bring herself to leave. Who can blame her? She specializes in the Lagree Method and is focused on proper form and on personal challenge. In her own words, “form comes with practice and change comes with challenge.”

Her favorite megaformer moves are runners lunge, single leg squat, & giant twisted wheelbarrow, because they are so effective!

Bree DiBernardo

Originally from Long Island, Bree and her family moved to South Florida when she was a teenager. She moved to Aspen to ski and to enjoy the mountains. Bree specializes in Lagree and loves the low impact and high intensity workout that the Megaformer provides. “Lagree is one of the most effective workouts I have ever experienced. My favorite move on the Megaformer is teaser! I love the intensity this move provides for my obliques.”

Bree is also a certified yoga instructor, bringing balance and form into her workouts. Her classes will leave you feeling good physically and mentally. “I love the quote strong is the new skinny. I believe women should be taking the time to add strength based workouts to their routine, and Lagree is perfect for that.”

Get Ski Fit with Lagree

Winter is in the air, and the ski lifts are about to open in Aspen. “Lagree is one of the best ways to strengthen your lower body, and work on functional strength and endurance,”says studio owner and physical therapist Jen Metcalf. “Keeping your quads, hamstrings, and gluts strong will help protect your joints, and reduce wear and tear during your outdoor sport activities, whether skiing, skinning, or hitting the nordic trails.”

Lagree Exercise | Runners Lunge

Lagree’s Runners Lunge is a great way to work the endurance of your quads in preparation for carving ski turns, and pushing through powder. Be sure to keep the front knee aligned directly over the ankle, and the back knee behind your hip.

Pro Tip: Place your fingertips on the high bars of your Megaformerâ„¢ to maintain the depth of the bend in your front knee. Join us for a Lagree class in Aspen

Pilates Reformer Class: Survival Guide

So you’re ready to sign up for a Classic Pilates Reformer class in Aspen at Higher Terrain, great. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your workout for our Pilates newbies!

  1. Let the Pilates instructor know this is your first class. This will allow us to walk you through the use of the Pilates Reformer, so you will be a pro by the end of the workout!
  2. Discuss any injuries, or limitations you may have with the instructor prior to the start of class. This will give the instructor a heads up, and allow them to guide you through modifications of any of the Pilates exercises performed during class in order to keep you safe and injury free.
  3. Bring your Pilates socks! We have a wide selection of grippy socks for sale at the studio. Although not required for our Pilates classes, wearing grip socks adds stability for clients on the Reformer, and helps us keep our studio clean.

We hope to see you soon in a Pilates Reformer class!

Love, and Planks

Higher Terrain Pilates