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Katie Maurer

Katie grew up in Hilton Head, SC and is so happy to be in Aspen! It only took one trip to Aspen for her to decide that this is where she wanted to be. She was drawn to the active lifestyle, unreal scenery, and the sunshine. Katie is very grateful to be here after living in the midwest for six years for school.

Katie became certified to teach Pilates through the classical 750-hour comprehensive Pure Body Teacher Training Program. She received a BFA in Dance from Point Park University and recently earned her Master’s degree in Movement Science from the University of Michigan. She is also a certified Konnect Method teacher by the creator, Viktor Uygan, and has worked with the esteemed Jerome Weinberg. Katie will forever be a student and continue her education to improve her clients’ quality of life through movement.

She loves the reformer because of the endless possibilities it offers to find connections, lengthen, and strengthen. It is accessible to everybody of all levels and abilities. Her favorite exercises on the reformer include any that involve feet in straps, which you can expect to see in nearly every one of Katie’s sessions and classes.

While classically trained, her repertoire is adaptable to suit your needs. Whatever your goals may be, Katie will eagerly work with you to enhance your well-being and help you move through life feeling your best!

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