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plant based snack

Fuel your Pilates workout with Plant Based Food

May 18, 2023
Here are our top picks for a plant based boost before or after your Pilates w…
woman on Megaformer machine

How is Lagree different from Pilates?

March 12, 2023
Are you looking to get in the best shape yet this year? If so, you might cons…
Exercise for the spine. Confident young sporty woman with slim body type in the healthy center.

Why is Pilates good for back pain?

March 11, 2023
We’ve all heard how beneficial Pilates exercise can be for back pain, but why…
young woman pilates stretching sport in reformer bed

Stretch and Restore with Pilates

December 13, 2022
Calling all athletes in Aspen, Colorado! Prevent injuries, and muscle over us…
Woman performing exercise on the Megaformer

Get Ski Fit with Lagree

November 13, 2022
Winter is in the air, and the ski lifts are about to open in Aspen. “Lagree i…
One woman in black outfit lying on her back doing supine arm work on pilates bed

Pilates Reformer | Group Class: Survival Guide

November 1, 2022
So you’re ready to sign up for a Classic Pilates Reformer class in Aspen at H…
magic pilates ring woman aerobics sport gym exercises on wooden floor

Our Top Pilates Prop Picks of the Month

September 15, 2022
We love to use props in our Pilates Reformer classes to increase the intensit…
Woman performing exercise on the Megaformer

Lagree Exercise Break Down : Single Leg Squat

August 20, 2022
Form and alignment is key when you’re in a Lagree class at Higher Terrain. Fo…
Woman performing exercise on Pilates Reformer

Pilates Has Your Back | 3 Reformer Exercises for a Strong Back

August 6, 2022
Everyone knows that Pilates is one of the best ways to strengthen your core, …
woman performing lunge on Megaformer

Higher Terrain Teacher Spotlight: Jen Metcalf

July 23, 2022
Higher Terrain studio owner Jen Metcalf, a Miami native, was brought to Aspen…