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What is the Lagree Method?

The Lagree Method is revolutionizing the world of fitness! It’s a dynamic fitness and training method that combines the benefits of Pilates, functional training, and cardio into one high intensity, low impact workout. It is designed to create overall muscle balance by developing both core strength and by training weaker muscles, resulting in improved tone, balance and fitness.

Similar to Pilates, the Lagree method works to strengthen and lengthen muscles with less stress on the joints and tendons, thereby creating more muscular endurance and strength. The Lagree method uses specialized equipment like the Pilates Reformer and MegaformerTM machines.

Let’s get into the details…

The Lagree Method is a high intensity, low impact, full-body workout method performed on a uniquely effective, spring-loaded, momentum free machine called the Megaformer. The basic design of the Megaformer™ was inspired by the Pilates Reformer but features a few more bells and whistles, allowing for a much more intense workout than in a traditional Pilates class.

The Lagree Method exercises combine strength, cardio, flexibility, and balance into one of the most efficient, and low impact workouts in the fitness industry. Higher Terrain is a licensed Lagree Method studio and is the only studio in Aspen, Colorado offering the Megaformer™ workout.

High-Intensity, Low-Impact Workouts

We use the term ‘high intensity, low impact workouts’ often because this is, fundamentally, the basis for both the Lagree method and traditional Pilates. The Lagree Method, with its use of the megaformer, offers intense exercise with low joint stress by using adjustable resistance and springs that enable users to control their workout while minimizing overall joint pressure.

A Megaformer™ is a machine designed to help you get an intense full-body workout. It utilizes the Lagree Method, a unique and highly effective fitness system developed by Sebastien Lagree. The Megaformer is a low-impact machine and is suitable for virtually any fitness level.

During a Lagree class, you will use your body weight to move through a wide range of exercises and poses. You’ll alternate between short bursts of intense exertion and gentle recovery periods, activating different muscles within the targeted group. Each move is designed to sculpt your body and challenge your stability.

This combination of dynamic and static movements intensifies the effectiveness of your workout to help you achieve optimal results. A typical Lagree Method class will have you move through a sequence of about 30-60 different exercises that are customized to meet your specific fitness goals.

The combination of dynamic exercises, slow and controlled transitions, and isometric holds create a sweat- fueled, intense workout that uses strength training and cardio elements to really burn calories.

The Benefits of the Lagree Method

Engaging in this effective and time-saving workout offers a wide range of benefits. The Lagree Method effectively targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously, making it a highly efficient workout. With each exercise, participants engage their core, arms, legs, and back, working toward improving overall strength and muscle tone, getting a full body workout in one session.

The stretching and lengthening movements incorporated into the workout also help improve overall flexibility, leading to increased range of motion and improved posture, both of which directly impact each individual’s natural biomechanics. The result is greater balance and control, and reduced risk of injury from improper motion or mechanics.

Again, like Pilates, the Lagree method is suitable for beginners and experts alike. For those that are new structured fitness regimes, both offer excellent ways to develop strength and muscle control while placing minimal pressure on the joints.

For this reason, the Lagree method is also very effective as a complementary regime to other forms of exercise that may be more impact related, like running, strength training, skiing, etc.

In both cases, the Lagree method is a great solution for those looking for a balanced, effective workout that provides visible results.

Overall, the Lagree Method and the Megaformer machine offer a great way to get an effective, full-body workout with minimal impact on the joints and muscles.

Try it out and experience the amazing benefits for yourself!

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