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Blog Posts From: jgowans

What is the Pilates Reformer?
The Pilates Reformer is a specially designed piece of equipment that consists of a sliding carriage, attached to a frame with various springs and pulleys, developed by Joseph Pilates and commonly u…
January 9, 2024
What is the Lagree Method?
The Lagree Method is revolutionizing the world of fitness! It’s a dynamic fitness and training method that combines the benefits of Pilates, functional training, and cardio into one high intensity,…
May 23, 2022
What is the Megaformer workout?
The science behind the Lagree Method is constant tension. The Megaformerâ„¢ uses both resistance and counter resistant to maintain constant tension on muscles during each exercise. Designed by Sebast…
May 23, 2022