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Higher Terrain Teacher Spotlight: Jen Metcalf

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Higher Terrain studio owner Jen Metcalf, a Miami native, was brought to Aspen as a physical therapist and quickly became addicted to the healthy lifestyle in Colorado. When not in the studios she can be found spending time with her 2 kids, hiking, running, and skinning in the mountains.


What inspired you to open Higher Terrain studio?

I wanted to open a Pilates studio that offers workouts that are both challenging, and form focused. Pilates, and Lagree are both amazing methods that can practiced in compliment to all the outdoors sport we do here in Aspen whether you’re looking for a workout, or rehabbing an injury.


How many times a week do you get to practice on the Megaformer?

I try to make Pilates or Lagree a part of my weekly exercise regimen. With 2 busy studios, it doesn’t always happen but I try to spend at least 2-3 workouts a week on the Megaformer. It’s such an efficient way to maintain core strength, and you can get an amazing workout in a short amount of time!


Where’s your favorite spot to grab a pre/post Pilates snack?

I love to grab a smoothie from Spring Cafe, or a Turmeric shot or protein ball at Jus Cafe!


What’s your favorite method to teach, Pilates or Lagree?

Both! I was a personal trainer before being introduced to Pilates, and I find it really inspiring to create contemporary, athletic classes on the Pilates Reformer where you can get a great workout, but have the support of the Pilates equipment. Lagree is equally fun to teach, and is so different to Pilates. Any legit Pilates studio, or certified instructor wouldn’t confuse the two methods. I generally teach Lagree to my clients who are looking for that intense workout, that leaves your muscles shaking that you can only get on the Megaformer!









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Written by

Jen Metcalf

Jen Metcalf from Miami is a physical therapist, and Certified Pilates Instructor. After taking a Lagree Method class …