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3 Ways To Perfect Your Planks

woman exercising

Whether on the Pilates Reformer, or Megaformer follow these tips to have the perfect plank!

1. Keep your shoulder stacked right behind your wrists, this will allow you take the weight off the wrist and bring it into your core.
2. Look slightly forward in order to maintain proper neck alignment. Students tend to drop the head, as they get tired. Think of focusing your eyes past your hands to keep the pressure out of the neck.
3. Keep your hips in alignment with your shoulders. Maintaining proper spine alignment is key to protecting your lower back. If you feel your hips are dropping in your plank, drop to your knees, and tuck your tailbone slightly to fire up those core muscles.

We look forward to seeing you in Pilates class!

Love, and Planks

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Jen Metcalf

Jen Metcalf from Miami is a physical therapist, and Certified Pilates Instructor. After taking a Lagree Method class …